Post Study Work visa has now returned! It’s time to STUDY & WORK in the UK

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Great news! The UK government officially announced in September 2019 that the PSW (Post Study Work) Visa has been reinstated, allowing international students to stay up to 2 years after they finish their studies in the UK.

There is no better time to come study in the UK than the year of 2020, since all the foreign graduates enrolled from 2020/21 will benefit from this new immigration rule!

Is this a limited offer?

Don’t worry! You will be eligible for this 2 years PSW visa as long as you start your course in 2020 and graduate with a degree level. What’s more, it is open to graduates in any subject and for jobs in any sector.

Why should I grasp this opportunity?

While holding this 2 years PSW visa, you will be able to switch into the skilled work route in order to get longer residence time in the UK, which means this opportunity has a good chance leading you to a UK permanent residence in the end!

Why should I grasp this I’m already studying in the UK, can I apply? opportunity?

International students who successfully complete their degree-level course at a qualifying institution in the summer of 2021 or thereafter will be eligible to apply. This includes students who are already studying!

Did you know?

This PSW visa is not a new thing. It was effective and very popular among international students before 2012 until the previous UK prime minster, Theresa May, cancelled it, plus declaring strict regulations about the time-length of post-graduation stay. (It wasn’t the best time for international students coming to study in the UK!) At that time, the Work Visa was the only opportunity for international students, but the application was so competitive that in 2016, there was only a 2% success rate.

Consider yourself very Lucky… 🎉

All in all, it’s such good news for international students looking to start their studies in the UK in 2020; after graduating with degree level, you are automatically given the right to stay in the country for up to 2 years without any hassles!

To find out more…

Contact WIN Education London to let us help you with your study plans and to learn more about the PSW visa. If you’re not qualified to study a degree level, WIN Education can also help you with A-level, foundation, International Year One… different kinds of programs that’s suitable for you to progress and obtain a UK degree.